Dowse With Style

handcrafted lightweight dowsing rods designed with love

You can dowse with just about anything so
why not make it something pretty!!
— Christine Danyi

The Idea

I do a lot of dowsing and my 'tool' of choice has always been Dowsing Rods. For me they just move faster than a pendulum and more accurately than muscle testing. After Dowsing for years with heavy brass rods I came upon the idea of making them lighter and prettier.

Style & Quality

Handcrafted in my Orlando studio, I put love and style into each pair of rods that I make. I want you to feel good about using them. In fact, I want you to smile when you hold them in your hand!

100% Handcrafted

I aim to use the best quality beads. The glass beads are Preciosa beads from the Czech Republic where they have been making beautiful beads for centuries in an area that was called Bohemia. I  stay away from cheap beads because I just don't care for the way they feel. I hope you feel the same way!

"Thank you so much, they have to be the prettiest dowsing rods I have ever seen!  Beautifully presented, they make ideal gifts — and I’m sure they will become a talking point with clients and students alike.

Wishing you much success, Christine, with sales.  I’m sure with your creative flair I’m going to see you come out with more and more fabulous designs"  ~Elizabeth Brown author of "Dowsing: The Ultimate Guide for the 21st Century"

“Thank you for the beautiful dowsing rods which arrived last week. They are truly beautiful and I am practicing with them.” ~Rita, United Kingdom